Hemp Tofu (soy-free) Hits the Market Nationwide in 2015

For the first time since its 2014 launch, Tempt’s line of all-natural hemp tofu will be available nationwide. The only commercial product of its kind in existence; hemp tofu gives vegans, vegetarians and those suffering from food allergies a simple high protein solution that is nutritionally beneficial and easily digestible. Hemp tofu packs 30 grams of vegan protein per package, and comes in four flavors: Original, Chimichurri, Mexican Chorizo and Sweet & Spicy Chili Lime.

As a brand that falls under the Healthy Brands Collective umbrella, Tempt products align with its parent company’s overall mission of creating healthier foods for healthier lifestyles. Known for its line of flavored hemp milks, Tempt hemp tofu has revolutionized a vegan alternative to meat that is traditionally made of soy.

“This is an exciting year for us,” said Healthy Brands Collective Chief Operating Officer Donna Ratner. “Hemp tofu is one of three new product lines we have brought to market over the past year.”

In addition to creating the hemp tofu, Tempt launched the first coconut hemp milk last summer and will soon unveil a new line of allergen-free hemp products.

“Industrial hemp is a hot topic right now that is influencing farming, the foods we eat, and the products we buy,” Ratner said. “We’re proud to bring awareness to the nutritional benefits and value of this wonderful plant. Hemp is high in magnesium, iron, potassium, fiber, phytonutrients and natural antioxidants including vitamin E.”

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